Award Gala Season & Meeting Vince Gill


In working towards the completion of writing my memoirs, it still amazes me that I can surprise my friend and co-author, Beth Volpert. Well, she can surprise me too. Turns out, that we are both Vince Gill fans, therefore, it was a real treat to hear him play at the Gwinnett Hospital Foundation’s Cornerstone Society Gala this past weekend.

The gala was the second in a month that we had attended and followed the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner where we celebrated those who have worked hard to help make this community we share into a great place to live.

I believe in Gwinnett County. The Chamber of Commerce, the government, the schools, the hospital system; they are second to none. Managing a growing county is not easy business and even my own role as Vice Chairman of the Development Authority of Gwinnett County is no small task. I continue to serve in that capacity because I believe that strong leadership from all sorts of people who reflect the makeup of Gwinnett is vital to our success. Because, success does live here.

So, it was with joy that I shook hands and swapped stories with the many friends I have made since moving to Gwinnett. We celebrated the accomplishments of the Foundation and looked forward to the next steps. And, we clapped along for a while, forgetting the “to do” lists we all have and enjoyed some great music together in fellowship. Fellowship is absolutely a cornerstone in the foundation that supports Gwinnett and I was glad to share it with all in attendance.

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