Town Center at Peachtree Corners

Watching our small part of Gwinnett grow has been a privilege. Working on committees and boards helping  make the decisions that have shaped our community is the kind work that needs to be carried on by a younger and very diverse generation.

This past week, I was able to dig a shovel into the dirt alongside of some outstanding citizens who have long held the vision of what Peachtree Corners, GA could be in their hearts and minds. Together, we broke ground on our new town center. Standing beside these folks celebrating the future is all a part of good planning and hard work. Getting to know them has been key to my own involvement and, personally, keeps me young.

My general advise is to start a conversation, with anyone and everyone. Learn from those around you and join, join, join! Be a part of everything going on around you; for yourself and your loved ones. It makes a difference.


Dan Graveline, DDA Chairman and LC enjoying a conversation.


Groundbreaking for new Peachtree Corners Town Center


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